#MealPrepMonday – 1500 Calorie Vegetarian Keto Meal Plan #4

A vegetarian Keto meal plan

Welcome to episode 4 of my Keto #MealPrepMonday series. Today I’m giving you a 1500 calorie vegetarian Keto meal plan. Since I did 3 plans already with meat in them I felt it was only fair to give you folks a meat free option as well. In this episode we have breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as a dessert. So you should be totally sorted with your meals and even your sweet cravings will be taken care off.

Before you take on this plan I would strongly recommend that you watch my Keto 101 series on Youtube and understand Keto. Learn how to calculate your macros, understand calorie logging and just get well acquainted with Keto.

Eggs are vegetarian

I did go off quite a bit on this during the video and I did so because I felt it was important. Please understand that I’m not forcing or saying you have to eat eggs if you don’t like them. I’m just saying they are vegetarian. I believe people are too disconnected from food production in today’s day and age and I feel we need to reconnect to it and understand how our food gets on the plate. I had written a much longer blog post but I think I forgot to save it. Maybe later when I find the time I’ll write it again.


Vegetarian Keto Meal PlanEasy links to the recipes

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Note: You can adjust the calories in all these meal plans to suit your own requirements by increasing or decreasing the serving size. You can also add other dishes that you like to make them even more varied and give you more options.

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  1. Thank you for the mealprep. I’ve been trying to get a keto mealprep for vegetarians. I don’t mind the eggs. Sincerely appreciate it.

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