#MealPrepMonday – 1500 Calorie Indian Keto Meal Plan #7

Indian Keto Meal Plan!

Welcome to episode 7 of my Keto #MealPrepMonday series. Today I’m giving you a 1500 calorie India Keto meal plan. Today’s meal plan mostly includes South Indian cuisine but I’ve also included a vegetarian plan as well. I anticipated that the first comments I receive would be asking for a vegetarian plan, so I planned ahead. The vegetarian dishes though are largely North Indian cuisine. Of course none of this really matters because it’s all delicious and that’s what truly matters.

Before you take on this plan I would strongly recommend that you watch my Keto 101 series on Youtube and understand Keto. Learn how to calculate your macros, understand calorie logging and just get well acquainted with Keto.

Serving Sizes

The serving size and measurements for all the dishes are in the images below this paragraph. To calculate the serving size weigh the food after it’s cook and divide by the number of servings in the recipe. For example if you cook the Okra and the cooked weight is 300grams and the recipe says ‘makes 3 servings’ that means 300/3 = 100grams. That means 1 serving = 100grams. That is how you calculate the servings. If you haven’t already bought a kitchen scale for Keto please do me a HUGE favour and buy one asap! Click here to get one I recommend.

Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice is a staple on Keto and almost everyone knows how to make it. You can always watch my video here on how to make it or just continue reading. To make the best cauliflower rice you want to first wash you cauliflower and them separate the florets. You want to then grate it using the grater attachment on your food processor. This is the fastest, easiest and least messy way to prepare the cauliflower rice. You can also manually grate it but it’s a pain in the @$$ if I do say so myself. It can also be purchased from the supermarket if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Or you can also just use the regular blades of the food processor but that gives you more of a cous cous texture than rice.

Once you have done that just heat the 1 tbsp of butter in a frying pan, add in the cauliflower rice, seaon with salt and then cover and cook for about 5-10 minutes. Of course every 3 minutes open it up, give it a stir and cover and cook. You want to cook this on a medium to low heat and till the cauliflower is nice and tender. Alternatively you can just microwave it as well and then add in the butter and salt and mix well. The choice is yours.

If you have any questions or comments. Leave them below and I’ll get back to you.

The Meat Plan

Non Veg Indian Keto Meal PlanEasy links to the recipes

The Vegetarian Plan

Easy links to the recipes

The other dishes are above (just incase you scrolled past)

Get more meal plans!!!

Note: You can adjust the calories in all these meal plans to suit your own requirements by increasing or decreasing the serving size. You can also add other dishes that you like to make them even more varied and give you more options.

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