Superbowl Sunday Keto Snacks & Month End Review

Let’s talk about food, the Superbowl Sunday and what’s been up at HK

A new vlog style video, got a few things to talk about, enjoy!


So once you’ve watched that video, let me know what you think. I know the website itself is pretty much just Keto recipes but if you are following me on Youtube. What else would you like to see me do, if you do want to see more of me. Cheers!


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  1. I am sorry to hear that the Vlad did not go over very well with your other viewers. I was very interested in your all mad and carnivore diet, in fact I had just heard about it when you started it and I thought that was a pretty cosmic coincidence.

    Why not try sampling keto products and vlogging those experiences, maybe incorporating a recipe with the product? For instance, last week I made taco-seasoned beef meatballs with a little cheese inside BUT, I coated them with crushed commercially prepared baked cheese puffs. I’d Love to see comparison between available manufacture cheese puffs and the kind that you can make for yourself at home. It took me 5 tries before I got those right, and still it requires some finnesse. So many new ket products to try, but some might be a waste of time. With your large following, you should be able to get free/sponsored product samples. Just an idea. Thank you for your wonderful YT channel, website, recipes and vlogs. I’m waiting for my HK Tandoori wings (they’re actually chicken thighs I cut into three pieces, but they kinda look like wings) to come out of the oven. I have 14 more minutes, but I can hardly stand it, they smell ambrosial!

    1. haha thank you so much for the kind words Vic. I live in India so I don’t get a lot of the Keto products available in the US otherwise I could do some stuff but yeah I think the schedule I got now allows me to focus on my music as well.

  2. Here’s another ‘general idea’ to get viewer participation. Once a month (in the first week), ask viewers to prepare one of your videoed dishes – the SAME dish – and have them send you a photo of the finished product. Put the photos in an album on your website, and ask the entrants and other viewers to vote for the best-looking dish in the comments below the YT vid. Who made it best? A HK food beauty pageant.

    This will send traffic to your site (for the recipe AND to vote), then back to YT back again for results. Give entrants a 2 or 3-week window to compete, and a deadline to submit a single photo. Voters get a few days after deadline to decide, then you count up the results and vlog the ‘awards ceremony’. The winner(s 1st, 2nd, maybe 3rd?) get HK merchandise and a special 20% discount code, etc), maybe a 10% discount for those who tried, but did not win. Wash, rinse, repeat

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