Can you lose weight eating Indian food?

Indian food challenge

Can you lose weight eating Indian food? It’s a question that I needed to answer. Since I’ve been a Keto recipe/information channel for a while I often get a lot of DMs on my Instagram. A lot of my Indian viewers constantly ask if they can have a bowl of rice, maybe one chapati or some dal. It’s always because they miss their traditional food.

My answer is a firm no. I also them know that it isn’t the home cooked food that makes them fat. It’s probably all the rubbish they eat in between that got them to the point where they needed to do Keto to lose weight. So I thought I would put myself to the test and eat only home cooked Indian food for a week and see if I could lose weight. So hit that play button on the video and watch my vlogs.

What does it take?

Yes, you can lose weight eating your dal chawal and your roti sabzi. Most of the time home cooked food is not what makes you fat. It’s probably a lot of overeating, junk food and other factors. For starters I think it’s important to rearrange that plate and bring in a good portion of protein and lower the amount of carbs. It’s also important to keep the fat low, track calories and exercise.

In a nutshell like everything else it takes time, effort and discipline. If you can do that then the answer is yes.

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