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Keto Mayonnaise

The perfect fat bomb

Mayonnaise is an essential item on the keto diet – it’s high in fat, packs a flavour punch and brings your salads to life. So here is how you make a keto mayonnaise at home, from scratch. That’s not all, for my pure vegetarian or egg intolerant Keto friends I’ve also done an egg free Keto mayonnaise recipe.



What is mayonnaise? 

Let’s start right at the top. What is it? What are the ingredients in it? Is it Keto diet and low carb friendly? I’ll answer all these questions and more. 

Mayonnaise or mayo is a condiment made used by emulsifying eggs with oil. Now there are some recipes where the whole egg is used while others use just egg yolks. For example in the Japanese Kewpie mayo it’s just the yolk. Additional ingredients like dIjon mustard, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, apple cider vinegar etc are added. 

How do you make it?

As I mentioned above it’s an emulsification.  In the olden days a simple whisk was used and even today there are people who still make it by hand. But being honest that is a tedious way to do it. With the technology we have today a food processor makes it much easier. My fav way which I sadly haven’t done myself yet is using an immersion blender. 

What oil is used in mayo?

For your standard store bought brand it’s anything from canola oil to soybean oil to sunflower oil. This varies from brand to brand. While these oils are mostly neutral tasting (that’s why they are used, they are generally avoided on Keto. Of course in an ideal world you want these neutral oils because they add no flavor to the oil. If you made your mayo with coconut oil or olive oil you’d get that flavor in it. 

Why can’t I just buy it in the store?

If you are going to be eating mayo on a regular basis, it’s best to make yours at home. Why? Most, if not all store bought mayonnaise has some amount of sugar but even worse is the oil they use to make the mayo. On Keto we try and make sure we consume the best quality fats like olive oil, avocado oil, animal fat, butter, ghee etc etc. We definitely try and avoid the hydrogenated vegetable oils, which is what most mayo will use. Now if you eat 1 or 2 tablespoons of mayo every few days it won’t kill you for sure, but if it’s your staple then it makes sense to get the best. You might be able to find a sugar free, good fat using mayo in your supermarket, in which case, go ahead and pick it up. Just check the price tag though.



Update 2022 – Store bought Keto Mayo

Back in 2017 when I started my Keto journey there weren’t many if not any Keto products. However Keto has exploded and calmed down as well. Today you can find many brands of Keto mayo that use fats like mct oil and avocado oil. Of course homemade keto mayo is always best but not for convenience you have options. 

The Primal Kitchen mayo is by far the most popular brand I’ve seen online. Now you might be tempted by brands like Hellmann who sell real mayonnaise but they use soybean oil. Which I personally feel in moderation is not a big deal but most Keto folk want to stay far away from it. 

Whatever you choice, mayo is the perfect condiment for so many dishes. Whether you use it for salad dressings or burger sauce or even the outside of a grilled cheese, it’s delicious. The taste is amazing and it’s the perfect vehicle for flavor.


Nutrition Info (Per serving)

  • Calories: 166
  • Net Carbs: 0g
  • Carbs: 0g
  • Fat: 19g
  • Protein: 1g
  • Fiber: 0g

This recipe makes 12 servings. 1 Serving = 1 Tablespoon. Get this recipe on myfitnesspal.

Egg Free Keto Mayonnaise

Keto Mayonnaise

A keto mayonnaise
4.02 from 65 votes
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes
Course Essential Ingredients
Cuisine General
Servings 12 servings



  • Blend everything except the oil with a hand blender or food processor
  • Add the oil in 1/3rd at a time and blend till a nice creamy mayo has been formed.
  • Store in the fridge


You can use mustard powder as well in place of mustard.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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    1. In the eggless mayo recipe you call for cream. What kind of cream are you using? I have not been able to find “cream” in any store.

  1. Hi, perfectionist here. What kind of olive oil and vinegar should I use? I’m not sure if extra virgin is that much different than the regular, and is it just plain old vinegar? I haven’t shopped for these things in quite some time (hopefully that justifies my cluelessness). Btw, awesome recipes and youtube channel. My boyfriend is as metal as it gets, so the background music is always a pleasure!

    1. Thank you so much Alexandra, you can use the regular olive oil and yes plain ol vinegar is fine as is lemon juice as is apple cider vinegar.

  2. Yours looked so good. And easy to make. I followed your recipe to a T and all I got was liquid “mayo”… oh well…guess I could pour it on my food…. why didn’t it thicken to be spreadable?

    1. It doesn’t normally get as thick as store bought mayo but once you put it in the fridge it kind of ‘sets’

    2. I also started with more liquidy consistency also, but then I blended and blended and blended more and it came out perfect! I think you might just need to blend longer.

        1. This. I haven’t run a kitchen since the 90’s but when we were making Ranch we always made our own mayo. You always let the ingredients get to room temp. We even would rinse the mixing bowl with warm water and dry to get it warm. The closer to room temp the better the emulsification (thicker).

  3. Hi! Can i use only egg yolks as was leftover after making the keto bread? Also if i use grapeseed to replace olive oil can? Thanks!

  4. Hi, I made the recipe the first time with avocado oil and I didn’t have a lot of lemons so I just squeezed as much much as I could and used distilled white vinegar. It came out great, the kids loved it too. I made a double batch this time with EVOO and I used 3 tsp of fresh-squeezed lemons and just 1 tsp of the same vinegar, but this time I can really taste the oil and it has a sour taste to it. Any idea why it tastes like that or how I can fix it?

    1. It’s just the way olive oil is, perhaps go back to avacado oil or find a lighter olive oil.

  5. Hi Sahil !! I thought all this time I had to have an immersion blender but I dont. I have a food processor and when the grandkids wake, Im making some keto mayo that u posted. I just learned how to make keto strawberry chia seed jam days ago and I love it . Thx for posting this recipe. You rock !!

  6. How long does this “keep” in the fridge?
    I used avocado oil but did everything else to the recipe. It makes a lot more than I thought. Stiff, not runny (used a hand blender on low). Like… I can flip a spoon of it upside down and it doesn’t run off… will eventually drop off.

    And the taste is fantastic!

    1. I am not sure, but you can easily youtube ‘how to fix broken mayonnaise’ and that should help you find a way to salvage it

  7. On the eggless recioe video, are you saying “almond” cream? Sorry, I couldn’t quite hear what you were sayingvthere. Also, it looked whipped, do you whip it first?

    1. The written recipe is on the bottom of this page. I’m saying AMUL cream which is a brand of cream. So this is our 25% fat cream which kind of separates into a thick part and a whey. Hence it looks like it’s whipped.

  8. This is the third batch and it’s still runny ! 🙁 I wonder what’s going on with mine. Typically for how long do I need to keep the blender going ?

    1. In a bowl add half tbsp water and start pouring the mayo and whip vigorously pour the mayo slowly while whipping until the end … This will fix the broken Mayo it’s a tried tip.

  9. Hi Sahil,

    first I wanna thank you for all those delicious recipes you shared with us! I often hear that in ketogenic diet you can use coconut oil, olive oil, Avocado oil, nut oils or animal based fats. In one vid (forgot which one it was) you said, do not use vegetable oil. Why is that? I wonder if I could make this Mayo with native cold-pressed flaxseed oil? Cause I don’t like the taste of olive oil in Mayonnaise unfortunately.

    Thanks and all the best for you and your wife,


      1. Tank you for your answer. Correct me if I’m wrong but e.g. native cold-pressed flaxseed oil isn’t a hydrogenated oil, is it? It is rather a healthy Omega-3 filled power pack of an oil from what I read, So isn’t it the case that you just need to avoid those refined oils? Or are all of These vegetable oils, no matter if they are unrefined, cold-pressed, native or whatever?

        Thanks and greets,


        1. *Or are all of These vegetable oils, no matter if they are unrefined, cold-pressed, native or whatever bad for keto respectively unhealthy?

          1. go through helthline.com articles about oil. Vegetable oils are good as far it’s not hydrogenated or using for cooking (except palm and coconut oils).

  10. First off, I have tried before (more than a few times) to make my own mayonnaise and have never successfully done so. So I was pleasantly surprised when this actually worked and came together and resembles mayo! Also the flavor is amazing. Wow. Thank you!

  11. I just made this in my food processor with Costco Kirkland brand EVOO. I used a teaspoon of Dijon mustard, ACV for the acidic event, and hire pepper since I only have freshly coarse grind black pepper b, It tastes VERY “olive oil-y.” The consistency is wonderful. ((( I added some black ground pepper, and a scant half teaspoon more of salt. It has improve the taste some, but the all of oil is still strong. I think I will try avocado oil next time. ))) Thanks for the recipe and the quirky – fun video.

  12. Here’s a tip: if you make mayonnaise with eggs, make sure all your ingredients are *at least* at room temperature (and preferably a little higher). This will significantly reduce the risk of the yolk not emulsifying, so you will get a thick, creamy mayonnaise instead of runny omelet batter …

  13. Thanks for the recipe! I used white wine vinegar and, while the first taste was a little disconcerting, I loved the second! For the folks having trouble with consistency, try drizzling the oil in very slowly while blending instead of adding it in thirds. Also, a teaspoon of ground mustard will help the emulsification much better than prepared mustard. My stick blender did fine. Beautiful, creamy consistency. Hope the kids will love it as much as I do!

    1. So if you use butter then it’s not mayo really it becomes a hollandaise sauce. That’s absolutely fine you can use that it’s no issue.

  14. Love your recipes! I think the only way I am able to indulge in Keto diet being a vegetarian, is your recipes!
    Thanks a lot.

    Being an Indian, Kind of wondering if there’s a tangy Mayo that we can make? Like those packaged Mint Mayo, Peri Peri Mayo, Chipotle Southwest kind of sauces?

    Thanks again for the amazing recipes!

    1. So Rahul for making various mayos out of this just add those ingredients once you made the mayo. So like in a mixer blend some mint leaves and then add that puree to this mayo. Use peri peri powder and add that to the finish mayo as well. So it’s pretty easy to spice it up.

  15. I’ll definitely try your recipe as is, but would you have a cooked egg version of your Keto mayonnaise recipe? Thank you in advance!

    1. All your mayo is made with raw eggs. What you can do is put the egg in 60C water for 3 minutes to pasteurized it. You cannot make mayo with a cooked egg.

  16. This was really yummy. I made me with an immersion stick blender and used avocado oil. It turned out lovely and thick. I added a little bit of garlic paste and a pinch of smoked paprika – so good and easy.

  17. Umm… you can’t have “vegetarian keto”. To be keto requires the consumption of saturated animal fats and proteins.

    1. You can very easily have vegetarian Keto eating eggs and Paneer. I know tons of vegetarians who have done Keto and lost weight and gotten healthy as well. You can manage without animal fat. There are alternatives.

  18. I just made this and used coconut oil, french’s mustard and the other regular ingredients. I used a bullet blender add a 1/3 oil at a time like you showed. It came out amazing!!!! And tasted way better then expected. Thank you.

  19. Extra virgin olive oil does not taste good with these keto mayonnaise recipes…tends to be pungent with an aftertaste…actually overtakes the actual mayonnaise…

  20. I can’t thank you enough for this recipe. Today was my first attempt at home made mayo and it came out quite well and thicker than I anticpated from reading the comments.
    I don’t have a microwave so the mozzarella and cream cheese melted water bath style. On top of that I used only one of the mixer attachments on my hand mixer and let it spin the whole time. Also I added the olive oil in very small amounts at a time then let it combine completely before adding more.

  21. Many thanks for the two mayo recipes. Also my lasting gratitude for using weights in the recipes rather than volume; the vagueness of measuring ingredients in ‘cups’ drives me bats 🙂

  22. The consistency was just perfect till the point I used 2/3rd cup of Extra Light Olive Oil, but after I poured in the last 1/3rd cup, it became complete liquid. I tried adding another egg to thicken it, but that did noting other than give it a distinct eggy flavor (maybe I should’ve added cream instead). The next time I will stop at 2/3rd cup oil.

  23. Please tell me this Sahil how do u have 166 cals in one serving of olive oil mayo bec the other one has only 60 cals and normal olive oil mayos have 30 cals in them .
    I have made this mayo this morning before checking the other one

    1. Because of the ingredients in the recipes. They are different and hence the calorie value is different. Now also check the serving size of portion as well when comparing.

  24. Its one tablespoon .
    It came out great but I am worried about the calorie count cz it says nutritions per serving and below it says 1 serving =1 tablespoon . This means166 cals in 1 tblespn ? Or am I wrong ?

  25. Great recipe! TOTAL SUCCESS

    I have many attempts at mayo, some failure, some success. Some recipes call for eggs, some for room temp eggs, some for yoke only. I used an egg which had been out of the fridge for 15 or so minutes I put the oil in a tablespoon at a time and used a hand blender to mix it in. At first, it was too loose but continued mixing until it looked like mayo before adding more oil. I used avocado oil, Dijon mustard and less salt and pepper but measured everything because if it is the first few times you have make someone else’s recipe it is important to follow the recipe not just the video.

  26. Hi Sahil. I am going to make the eggless mayo type. Can I substitute the olive oil with either coconut virgin oil or olive oil for cooking which is not the extra virgin olive oil as have ran out of it. Thanks! Love ALL your recipes especially the 3-ingredient ones! Wished I had started the Keto diet earlier.

  27. Hi Sahil, what type of olive oil should I be using for this recipe, do I use extra virgin, cooking or pure olive oil?

    1. You can use any of them, the cooking one will have less flavour so might be a better bet. If it’s not a big pinch on the pocket even AVOCADO oil is an option.

  28. This mayo is soooooo good! Glad I saw that the taste of the avocado oil can be a bit off-putting for some, and that setting it up in the refrigerator gives it the right consistency. At the end of blending it with avocado oil and mustard powder, I also blended in a small chunk of garlic confit (about a teaspoon) that I keep in the freezer for such occasions. I left it in the fridge overnight, and Wow! It is Goldilocks worthy. Thank you Sahil, and thanks to all who left comments.

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