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Keto Coconut Flour Waffles

Breakfast or Dessert? It’s Keto Waffles

I’ve made almond flour Keto waffles and peanut butter Keto waffles. So it was time to make a batch with coconut flour because it is very different and needs it’s own recipe.  Not to mention I constantly get asked ‘can I make this with xyz flour instead’ on almost every video which is why I often make many versions of the same item. I also used my Keto nutella to make an incredible chocolate ganache to go with it and also some left over Keto cake to make a black keto cake soil.

Waffle Tower!

If you saw the video there was my Keto Chocolate cake that I used to make a lovely sort of dessert ‘soil’ with and then I just layered waffle ganache waffle ganache and made the tower. This is obviously extremely decadent and I would recommend this only for special occasions. You can alternatively just skip all the fancy chocolate stuff and eat it with some butter and sugar free syrup for breakfast. If your not a coffee fiend like me, then you can skip that for a plain waffle, I would recommend adding some vanilla extract. Anyway enough jibber jabber. Happy eating.

Nutrition Info (Per serving)

  • Calories: 620
  • Net Carbs: 9g
  • Carbs: 19g
  • Fat: 51g
  • Protein: 19g
  • Fiber: 10g

This recipe makes 1 waffle. 1 Waffle = 1 Serving. Get this recipe on myfitnesspal.

Coconut Flour Waffles

Keto Coconut Flour Waffles

Delicious waffles that are low carb and Keto friendly.
3.75 from 12 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine American, General
Servings 1 serving



  • Microwave the mascarpone cheese for 30 seconds to soften it.
  • Add all the ingredients and whisk together.
  • Add the extra cream if the batter is too thick.
  • Heat your waffle iron and pour in the batter.
  • Remove when done and serve.
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  1. hi Sahil, im a little unsure about your serving size. is the entire thing 1 serving or is the entire thing 4 servings. i suppose my question is is 1 serving = 1/4 of the waffle?

  2. WOW! Just made a big batch of these! I left out the coffee powder, but, MAN!, are they gooooood! Really sturdy and substantial.

  3. Hi Sahil, I have only recently discovered your YouTube videos as I am new to the whole keto world. I was jonesing for a breakfast of a sausage biscuit, and happened onto your waffles. I had just a few minutes prior to finding the recipe, acquired a mini waffle maker so it was very fortuitous! I decided to give the coconut flour waffle recipe a try and I am so glad I did. I will definitely have to show some restraint now! My waffle maker is a 4″ mini one and I got 4 waffles out of your recipe. This is perfect for me as I had two with my sausage patty and have two left for another day (I’m going to see how they freeze). Thank you for satisfying my craving! Oh thought I’d better mention I didn’t use the coffee powder or stevia as I wanted savory, but next time!

  4. I made a batch of waffles with CarbQuick brand waffle mix) and I wasn’t happy with them (batter too thick according to recipe on the box). I would like to try your recipe but “stevia to taste” is too vague (it was the same line used on the CarbQuick recipe, because I am too nervous tasting batter with raw eggs in it). Can you please supply a more definitive measurement of sweetener to use (also I don’t use stevia due to taste but I use monkfruit). Thank you!

    1. Maybe just skip the sweetener because it’s hard to tell how sweet the stuff you are using is. And then use some keto syrup on top instead for sweetness.

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