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Keto Coconut Flour Mug Bread

Our most popular recipe, the 90 second Keto mug bread

Ever since I made the 90-second Keto Bread in the microwave in a mug, the most comment question I got asked was ‘can I make this with coconut flour?’ and the simple answer was, no. Coconut flour reacts very differently than almond flour and it soaks up a lot more moisture. So I had to work at the recipe and tweak it a bit to get the perfect keto bread texture. This is perfect for sandwiches, burgers or just as a side to your favourite dishes.

Cooking it right

Coconut flour can be tricky to work with. The texture of this bread can turn from fluffy to sawdust in a matter of 10 seconds. It’s really important to not overcook the bread. You should also keep in mind that coconut flour absorbs a lot of moisture/liquid compared to say almond flour. That’s one of the reasons I’ve added in the heavy cream to this recipe which can be substituted with by coconut cream, almond milk or even soya milk. Feel free to play around with this recipe to get the texture you looking for.


Coconut Flour Microwave Mug Bread


Nutrition Info (Per serving)

  • Calories: 286
  • Net Carbs: 4g
  • Carbs: 9g
  • Fat: 24g
  • Protein: 8g
  • Fiber: 5g

This recipe makes 1 serving/1 mug bread. Get this recipe on myfitnesspal.

Coconut Flour Mug Bread

Keto Coconut Flour Mug Bread

A quick and easy keto bread recipe using coconut flour. Made in the microwave in no time.
4 from 149 votes
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 4 minutes
Course Bread
Cuisine General
Servings 1 Mug bread



  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl
  • Pour into a mug (or just mix them in the mug)
  • Microwave for 90 seconds
  • Remove and slice
  • Serve
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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  1. It was very yummy without an eggy taste. The only problem was the texture was a bit soft and crumbly and didn’t hold up as a bun for a burger. Any suggestions for making the bread more sturdy?

    1. I’ve made this several times and love it. After microwave I slice it in half and “grill” it on my George Foreman.

    1. Hi Anjana, eggs are vegetarian world over. Only in India we call them non veg despite being unfertilized. However there is no substitute for it I’m afraid. However if you want to lessen the egg smell/taste, there are a couple of tricks, for starters make sure your eggs are fresh, most Indian broiler eggs are quite smelly, switch over the odourless eggs which are available. Also for a savoury bread use some herbs like rosemary or oregano to mask the egginess. Also for a sweetish bread you can add vanilla and stevia. So that’s the best way to work with this.

  2. Man alive, all my late night snack cravings are solved! Quick and easy and now I have something to put all my fave cracker toppings on. I can’t taste the egg at all, though I can taste the coconut. Definitely going to have to try to almond flour version as well. Thanks for this great speedy bread recipe. 🙂

  3. I just had this with pate for breakfast, very tasty and a nice soft texture. I found it much less eggy than the almond version. I might try subbing a little ground flax for a wholemeal type effect..
    This keto diet is absolutely life changing for me and all your recipes are invaluable for keeping me motivated, so a heartfelt thankyou from Wales, uk!

  4. I’m so excited to try this! Happy that I stumbled onto your page! I love the name, lol! Gonna go home and try this today after work! Thank you!

  5. Awesome recipe but I’m lactose intolerant, is there anything you can suggest to replace the heavy whipping cream?

  6. Awesome recipe! I made mine in a ramekin, cut in half then toasted and topped with salted butter. Really satisfying! Thanks Sahil.

  7. Thanks again, Sahil! I was looking for something to round out Matt and Megha’s Breakfast Casserole and this mug bread was perfect! I felt like I’d eaten a feast. I can’t believe how easy and quick it is to have keto bread to go with a meal.

  8. I made this today, didn’t come out as light and fluffy as Almond version, but I love the taste. Great for quick and tasty snack (mum loves it too, and she not on keto).

    Definitely going to try it with garlic butter mmm

  9. Love it . For anyone who thinks its too “eggy”, add herbs and a bit of cheese to the bread. It takes away the smell completely.
    Absolutely love it. I bought a ton of coconut flour because found organic coconut flour super cheap and now using it for everything. I love the flavour. Made close to 100 naans and froze them 😀 (half garlic and half normal). Thanks Sahillll

  10. Love this bread how many grams is 2 tablespoons ? Your almond bread is 30 grams I have tablespoons that are all different sizes ?

  11. Sahil, I replaced one teasoon of coconut flour with psyllium husk powder and just used water instead of cream and it worked fine. Still too coconutty gor me though

  12. Made the recipe, tonight, and used garlic/Parmesan infused olive oil. I could’ve added a wee bit more, I think, but it was tasty! I browned it on each side with kerrygold butter and topped it with some melted, shredded cheese. Yummm. So nice to have a biscuity / cornbready something on Keto! Thank you! I just love you and your wife and brother (the only family I remember seeing! <3 Kim

  13. This was pretty good. I made a grilled cheese sandwich with it. Nice to have a sandwich again. Thanks.

      1. Hello made my coconut bread took it out off the oven after allotted time and its sunk to half the size can you tell me why this has happened please

        1. hey Jeff, that’s the issue with all Keto breads, they sink because they are heavy and there is no solution.

  14. Mine turned out a little dry. I used butter instead of olive oil, could that have made the difference? I still love it though and it’s a great treat!

  15. Hi. Pretty new to this and I loved the recipe . But what is the difference between net carbs and carbs? Thank YOU.

  16. Thank you for this! I really miss the simplicity of sandwiches on a keto diet, and this was so quick to whip up. It tasted great and held together perfectly!

  17. The best coconut mug bread recipe I found. About the egg smell or taste, I don’t mind it, but I heard that if you pass the egg trough a sieve it reduces the egg smell and flavor, Grandma’s secret for a receipts she used to make. Thank you for the Trevor and the variation ideas.

  18. Made this today I swapped coconut cream for regular cream added onion and garlic powder and came out great toasted it and ate as an open sandwhich with roast beef.

  19. Thank you. This is a lifeline on my Keto diet! By far the closest thing to bread I have made( with coconut flour), and SO easy! Looking forward. everything I can do with it!!! Grilled cheese!

  20. I just made this bread substituting the heavy cream for sour cream, simply because I’m out of heavy cream. I had to microwave about 40 seconds longer but it came out amazing and I used it as a burger bun. The bread was so tender and not at all eggy. Thank you Sahil!

  21. Your recipe is great. my fren introduce your video. you like to use simple method and ingredients. i want to keep some on the ingredients at office and make this mug bread..its really awesome. i thought coconut flour can be done without phsylium husk. i also love your keto nan bread. i love the taste to eat with egg curry. in fact i dont add any cream or coconut cream. thanks for sharing.

  22. Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much! I can now have bread that I yearn for! I love it and I didn’t have the whipping cream so I did it with almond milk. I am about to binge on your site. Thank you again. Also can you make some sort of dessert this way as well? Xoxoxoxo

    1. Yeah I think you can just use this recipe and add things like vanilla extract, stevia, cocoa powder, fresh berries and make your own mug bread desserts too.

  23. Hi,

    I made this and when I take the bread out of the mug, I notice it’s kind of gray. Why is that happening? Yours looks so yellow but mine is yellow and then kind of gray.


  24. Hello
    Thank u so much!! For this yummy and easy mug bread
    Can u tell me which yogurt is good for Keto which I can easily get in Pakistan
    One more thing , I want to learn how to make Keto tea

    1. I have no idea what brands of yogurt you get in Pakistan but you want just regular unflavoured, unsweetened full fat yogurt. You will need to read the nutrition label and stuff. As for tea, just make how you normally do and use CREAM instead of milk and it’s fine.

  25. Hi there!
    Thank you so much for this recipe! I added a bit of stevia and a dash of cinnamon the second time i made it. Works well for toasting and as a little something sweet when the craving hits.

  26. Hi there, This recipe looks great! Is the nutrition information “per serving” for the whole mug loaf, or just two slices of it? Thank you

  27. Hey love this bread. So quick and easy to make . I made it without the baking powder as i didn’t have any in the pantry and it still worked. Tastes great with lots of butter on top.

  28. i love this as im awful at home baking and i need a bread substitute i also love that you give the nurtitional stuff so i can store it in my diet app.

    I have one quick question can this be made with butter instead of whipping cream as i dont have any at hand for now… and also if yes can you provide the correct amount to use and the change to the nutritional information if possible, would love to know how you come to the nutritional calculations also

    great work

  29. I thought it was delicious. Thank you. This recipe may have just kept me from cheating on my diet. I was craving bread.

  30. This was lovely 😀 I’m working my way through your recipes and I really enjoy your youtube channel. Side note: I’ve noticed that your metric/us imperial conversion option appears to be broken right now. Just wanted to let you know!

  31. I used 1 T of coconut flour and 1 T of almond flour. The bread was lighter and fluffier and not dry like your recipe.

  32. Lovely bread. Been following you buy first time to make anything. Maybe I can get my son to go keto with me. Bread was his sticking place. Love your style!

  33. Hi there, just a coupke if questions.
    Does this need to cool completely before removing from the mug. Also do you need to grease or spray the mug so that it doesn’t stick or does it simply not stick to the mug.

    1. You don’t need to wait and you don’t need to grease it but sometimes things can stick depending on the mug you use. I’ve generally had no problem getting these out of the mugs. I do give it about a minute to cool down but not much longer than that.

  34. Brother . . . GREAT alternative to the almond flour bread, and it uses less flour! We’ll definitely be using this in the future, especially since we can usually find coconut flour for cheaper and in more varieties. We also found we liked coconut flour in our homemade fathead pizza dough better than almond flour, so I think this will work well for us. Just used it to make some sausage & egg breakfast sandwiches for my wife and I. PERFECT!

  35. Hi Sahil,
    Could you please tell me what’s the temperature at which this should be baked. New to baking… 🙂
    Thanks in advance

    1. This is a microwave recipe. There is no baking hence I’m not mentioned temperature anywhere. 🙂

  36. Just made this for the first time, used almond milk instead of cream and put some Parmesan and thyme in with it, toasted on a skillet and served with fresh butter! – verdict – bit like a coconut macaroon muffin – need to tweak so its less heavy (for me) – it held together really well too – Awesome – thank you!

  37. Tried it just now with homemade coconut flour and God !! … I’m in love !! 😀
    Used regular malai and coconut milk as I didn’t had whipping cream. Still turned perfectly well..and for that eggy smell I think I’ll add some fresh garlic paste in the batter, to make a garlic coconut bread. Thank you. You’re awesome 😀

  38. Hi! First, thank you so much for this recipe! I’m new to Keto and this bread is great! Second, can this be made and stored? I don’t make it everyday, and so my cream goes bad before I can get more than a couple breads from it. Thank you!

  39. Sahil, thank you so much for sharing your amazing recipes! This is the first keto bread I have tried and I love it! Is the cooking time to serving size a 1:1 ratio? I’m using a big mug and would love to double or triple the batch. Thank you!

  40. Fantastic man, thanks! Made them like u sed, but added a dash of garlic powder. They taste great!
    I put them on skillet in butter, toasted, then add cream cheese and flax seeds. Great breakfast. Hubby is amazed that i just made bread in bout 3 minutes

  41. Hi Sahil. Just a question on tablespoon sizes in your recipes. Do you use American spoons or the larger European sized spoons?

    1. Yeah so I have a set of measures that made in India. So not sure if they match USA or Europe but the TBSP is about 15grams/ml in weight volume approx. Obviously heavier items sometimes end up being about 20grams in weight.

      1. Hi Sahil.
        The USA tablespoon is approx 15ml but the European one is 20ml. I have made some of this coconut bread using my European spoons and it hasn’t quite come out right. A bit dry as two (large) tablespoons of coconut flour is probably too much for the amount of liquid. I will have to try a set of American tablespoons. Note that it is only the tablespoon that is different in size.

  42. Thank you for the awesome videos and recipes. As a prediabetic I have to change my diet and lifestyle, I am still learning the keto way but your YouTube videos have inspired and encouraged me to take control of my health. It’s actually so much fun its not even a chore anymore!

  43. Hello Keto Angel!

    I never had the courage to start Keto until now that you make it seem more than possible. Already a fan of your work! Love from Canada

  44. Hi! My husband and I are new to keto and l was already craving bread. Tried your coconut mug bread and such an easy recipe. I like your recipes as they’re so easy to make and will surely help me stick to my diet. Will be trying out variations after reading all the comments.
    Lots of warm wishes from Dubai.

  45. Hi! Tried your mug bread and it was really easy to make. Will be trying out variations after reading all the comments. Since my husband and I are new to keto I will be trying out your recipes as they are really great. Lots of warm wishes from Dubai.

  46. Hi I tried this and it’s nice .

    However I’ve put it into my carb /diet tracker. And it’s saying the net carbs is 17.8g for one mug

  47. I just found this recipe by chance on Google. I followed it to a T and it came out great! Had an egg and cheese sandwich and it was fantastic. Thanks for the detailed recipe.

  48. I just made this mug cake….oh my goodness!!1. It is delicious!!! the texture, the taste, Yum! I followed the recipe to the tee. Can add pure vanilla essence for extra scent. Thank you, i can’t wait to try all other recipes <3.

  49. This is THE recipe for mug ‘bread’ with coconut flour. I’ve tried others that say you can use *any* flour and unless you want to end your life choking on compressed coconut flour, ‘no, you can’t’. This recipe works.

  50. Just tried this recipe and it turned out way better than I was expecting. I’ve tried a bunch of “keto” bread-like-products that almost always felt and tasted like eating cardboard. This bread was actually pretty decent. Texture was between a biscuit and a cornbread muffin and it actually tastes like bread. And the prep & cooking couldn’t be more simple. Very much looking forward to having an actual sandwich. Thanks for putting this out there!

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