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Keto Coconut Flour Bread

Time to bake another Keto bread, this time with coconut flour

Today we’re baking bread, coconut flour keto bread to be precise. I realize I’ve done many bread recipes and there are always people asking for alternative methods, sometimes it’s a different flour or sometimes it’s not having an oven or a microwave. So today we’re doing a loaf made out of coconut flour which will complete our trilogy of almond flour bread, peanut butter bread and now coconut flour bread.


Ain’t no body got time to bake!

Well if baking a whole loaf of bread is something you don’t have the time or inclination for then you can always use our almond flour mug bread or coconut flour mug bread recipe which is made in less than 2 minutes in the microwave. Though I will say this bread is pretty delicious and is worth baking a loaf on a Sunday so that you have bread for the rest of the week. Works great for sandwiches or even to make french toast.

A couple of tips and some troubleshooting

Now given that many folks don’t have the exact same ingredients I do, especially with things like the psyillium husk which varies across brands, there seem to be a few problem areas I would like to address. A few folks mentioned that their psyllium husk because too rigid and almost impossible to mix, in that case try using a blender to get everything incorporated together. However the best way to avoid any problems is perhaps to mix the dry psyillium husk in with the other ingredients, then add the hot water to that mixture and then blend in the eggs and the oil to it. I think this should solve all conceivable issues while making this bread.

Coconut Flour Keto Bread

Nutrition Info (Per serving)

  • Calories: 174
  • Net Carbs: 2g
  • Carbs: 4g
  • Fat: 15g
  • Protein: 7g
  • Fiber: 2g

Macros are for 1 slice. Cut the loaf into 12 slices. Get this recipe on myfitnesspal.

Keto Coconut Flour Bread

Keto Coconut Flour Bread

A gluten free, low carb bread that's soft and fluffy.
4.17 from 102 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Course Bread
Cuisine General
Servings 12 Slices



  • Add the warm water to the psyillium husk and set aside.
  • In a bowl mix the coconut flour, xanthan gum, baking powder and salt
  • In another bowl whisk the eggs along with the olive oil
  • Add the psyillium husk to the eat mixture and beat well.
  • Finally add in the rest of the dry ingredients and beat till all well combined
  • Pour the mixture into a loaf tin lined with parchment paper and well greased up.
  • Bake for 40 minutes at 170C in a pre-heated oven
  • Remove and allow the bread to cool before removing from the loaf tin
  • Slice into 12 slices and serve.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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      1. Hello made your coconut bread followed the video and when I took it out off the oven it collapsed to half the size can you help please thanks jeff

      1. Sahil— new to your site, I’m digging around and impressed with your work! Will recommend your music to my friends and especially my man.
        As for gluten/grain-free/ coconut flour bread baking—
        I usually replace xanthan with psyllium, and have left out the gums to remarkable results, here.
        I’ve yet to find a bread that rises and tastes good alone, as toast, and can as well as can be sliced thin enough to stand as a sandwich .
        This recipe is exquisite.
        I’ve seen other forms and variations offering permutations including starches which are not purely starch but Tuberous or seed based (arrowroot or tapioca, quinoa come To mind) which may or may not be Keto I’m not sure…..or those that involve waaaaay more eggs (an entire dozen for a loaf?!)
        In short ….thanks a loaf!!!!! Hehe I am following (although not technically digitally connected… I’ll figure all the different media communication sites out sooner than later..)
        And so grateful!! Rock on, beardsmobile!

  1. Hi

    Can you provide any guidance when using Psyllium Husk Powder vs just Psyllium Husk, assume weight is obviously the same… but would you expect any difference ?

  2. Well it doesn’t work, the powder turns to lumps is seconds…yours appears to almost behave like couscous after water is added… however it did manage to drain the glutenous part without the lumps, obviously it screws the measurements but the bread worked out with a few issues…

    The taste was great, texture “good”…. I think your on to a real winner here..
    however it needs lift….. I think it the lift issue can be addressed and I know the challenges with that… but I think there are some options….
    I did added baking powder etc. but that not quite doing the job…..

    I will do R&D into this….

    Yours seem to raise “OK”, so not sure if the husk affected that… I did not think the husk affecting rise.. just bonding..?

    1. try adding some salt or apple cider vinegear, or any acidic ingredient (lemon juice works) so it reacts with the baking powder while baking, and puffs up

      1. P the recipe already has salt in it and salt is the opposite of acid so would actually counteract any additional acid. Which by the way is also already in it by way of baking powder. There is already the salt acid balance between adding the salt and baking powder. Adding any more of either may Make a difference, but adding both won’t help.

  3. Hi Sahil, Well I think I ran in to the same problem that an earlier reviewer did. My psyllium husk powder did not work in place of whole psyllium husk. In the youtube video you said to use 4 tbsp of psyllium husk and it looked as if that amount was in the bowl. Btw, it also looked like psyllium husk powder but I guess it wasn’t. In the web directions, the amount is listed as 16 grams which is about the weight of 1 tbsp of psyllium husk powder. So not sure if you recalculated your measurements for the website or 4 tablespoons of psyllium husk (not the powder) weighs 16 grams even while looking like 4 tbsp. LOL

    Strange, though, your naan bread recipe which uses the same psyllium husk (I assume) as this recipe turned out perfectly with me using 2 tbsp of psyllium husk powder for the required 2 tbsp of psyllium husk.

    Anyway, my bread came out a lumpy mess even with the 1 tbsp of powder so can’t imagine what 4 tbsp would have been like. It had no height, was dense with little balls of fiber (?) and stayed moist even after baking for 1 hour. I decided to eat it after it cooled down just because throwing it in the trash without at least a confirmation taste seemed vaguely sinful. Haha. Anyway, I’m glad I did because despite the look and texture, it actually didn’t taste too bad and toasted up nicely with cheese. So, I’m rating this as a half fail and I’m gonna try it again because I officially have bread envy for your beautiful tall, fluffly loaf. 🙂

    1. I guess you can try using egg whites, maybe use 8 instead of 6 but honestly I feel add some herbs or something to mask the eggy taste.

      1. Thank you sir. I will play around with it and let you know how it turns out. I’ve just grown to not like eggs (at least by themselves) as much anymore while doing low carb/Keto eating.

  4. What is the best way to store this bread after baking? In the fridge? Or will it be okay at room temperature in a bread box? Thanks!

    1. I live in India where it’s pretty hot so I put everything in the fridge. So I would recommend putting it in the fridge anyway 😀

  5. Had to cook for 10 mins longer. Came out of the oven well risen with a golden crusty top. Left it to cool and when I went back it had collapsed ? Found it hard to tell if it was cooked enough, any tips on that ?

      1. Tasted great and even toasted well and is definitely now my go to recipe. Thankyou xxx But now I stir the phsyllium in with the other dry ingredients add to beaten egg and oil, quickly followed by the water. This works better xx

        1. I just tried making this just now. Mine also deflated while it was cooling. I will try this technique next time. Thanks!

  6. I didnt have the xantham gum, but the bread still turned out great! Thankyou. Only a mild coconut flavour, moist, springy. Had a ham lettuce and tomato sandwhich. Great!

  7. Having been gluten free for three years, finding a recipe that makes a loaf that feels and acts like bread is a godsend! Amazing recipe that makes a gluten free loaf that slices and tastes like bread! Not too eggy and doesn’t crumble to bits! Will be making this every week!

  8. Looks nice! But unfortunately I do not take egg being vegetarian. Any tips for eggless bread?

  9. Hey Sahil. I have been following your recipes for over 2 weeks now. Great work. Tried making this bread but was confused with the measurements. My half a cup coconut floor came to 30 Grams only while you had suggested 75 grams.
    I did increase it to 50 grams but the end product was too eggy and the the smell and taste was very strong on egg. I couldnt eat more than 2 slices without throwing out. Is there a way around for this?

  10. Watched you make this on you tube this morning…..was jones ing for some type of bread. Took a
    Title bit to break down the husk in the egg, may try adding it in differently next time. But enough of this jibber jabber…absolutely delicious….with smoked salmon and cream cheese!!!!!

  11. Hi Sahil
    Looks great and am definitely going to try this. How long can i Keep this bread for? I’m in Australia where the temperature is variable, so I guess the fridge is the answer. If so how long will it last?

  12. Alright guys, I have the problem of the hardened psyllium husk powder figured out. Doing the same thing with too much whole husks yields the same problem, so here’s how I found it worked best…

    Instead of using hot water, use room temperature or colder water, that’s the first mistake. It helps the fiber incorporate better. If you’re using powder, like I was, here’s how to get it to mix into water and get the gelatinous mixture you’re looking for that will incorporate easily into the eggs.

    Start with a half cup of water in a bowl and simply use a teaspoon-sized spoon to scoop a slightly heaped lump into the water and stir. If little granules appear, that’s okay, stir vigorously enough that you don’t spill but will break apart the biggest chunks. Slice the smaller chunks with the side of the spoon to help them mix and just keep stirring. Stir it for like 3 or 4 minutes until the water starts to thicken.

    You’ll wind up with a gel that will mix easily into the eggs and will give you the springy, bread-like texture this bread is supposed to have.

    As an added hack, use NoSalt instead of salt for potassium instead of sodium, if you follow your electrolyte levels.

    Thanks for the recipe, Sahil. Maybe once I’m up and making videos, we could have a chat. 🙂

  13. Super easy bread to make; HOWEVER, my first mistake was the psyllium soak. It was a thick glob by the time I had beaten the eggs. Took at bit of beating with electric mixer to break down the clumps. I used six eggs MINUS one of the yokes because of a remark to Keto Connect about his almond bread–use less yokes. Turned out the four remaining eggs were double yokes! Oy vey! Plus my oven must be off because 338F was not hot enough. Took about 60 minutes. My second attempt at cooking something KETO–Looks great, texture is good, is eatable, but way too being eggy tasting. Should be fine for french toast in the morning! Next time I make SAHIL’s coconut bread, I will NOT use extra large eggs with double yolks!! LOL

  14. Hello i want to make this one but im struggling with gas oven that has no temperature settings 🙁 just high low flame

  15. My husband and kids really enjoyed this coconut bread with some ghee on it. They even requested to include some slices into their lunch boxes. I followed the recipe exactly but didn’t use the xanthan gum and added some fresh thyme that I had on hand. Thank you for this easy and delicious recipe.

    1. That’s wonderful to hear. It also makes a great french toast and if you add a bit of cinnamon and sweetener to taste, it makes a great breakfast cake as well 🙂

  16. Hiya, I have just made this bread second time and the same problem happened. The bread has a nice shape and when I take it out of the oven after a few minutes it completely collapses. I mean really completely; it doesn’t have any spongy structure. Can you advise me, please?

  17. I’ll bake this bread as soon as I receive my Psyillium Husk and Xanthan Gum. I will add some garlic and oregano and see how it tastes. I made the almond flour bread last Monday and it was good, but a little “sweet”, I want something more salty to put over some cheese and ham.

  18. Have made this bread many times now and it’s delicious and may be a bit too eggy as I used 6 extra large eggs. Psyllium Husk is an unusual ingredient to any Peleo or Keto bread, this recipe to me is really one of its kind. No problem with incorporating it with a stand up mixer. I enjoy this Brad a lot. I put in raisin, dry apricot, and some nuts too. Delicious everytime.

  19. I had to thank you for this sensational recipe, all of my friends and family that have tried it LOVE IT and I keep running out, so I have just shared the recipe on Facebook for them all to make their own (and maybe share back with me?) 😉
    Looking forward to trying out your other vege keto recipes.
    Kind thanks

  20. I tried to make this but I substituted Chia for the Xantham gum, and baking soda for the baking powder so I also added in vinegar in equal amount to the baking soda. The problem is that the loaf barely rose at all , one piece is about half as tall as a normal slice of wheat bread. Perhaps I mixed it too much after adding in the vinegar or I didn’t add enough vinegar?

    1. For starters Keto bread is never going to rise like wheat bread. It will always be a short bread. Also if you make substitutions in the recipe and it doesn’t work it’s because you changed the recipe 🙂

    1. Please go through the website there are many vegetarian breakfast recipes like dosa, upma, poha, paneer bhurji etc etc.

  21. Hi Sahil – just starting my Keto journey.I am so glad i found your site as being here in India most of the Gora recipes dont cut it.
    I think you are amazing. Just a couple of questions – I will loose weight on your recipes right? Also where do you buy things like ‘Narla coconut flour? And is Xanthan Gum – where can i get that and if not available will it make a difference to the recipe.

    Please paste some eggless bread recipe as soon as you try it 🙂 Thanks a million. I hope you reply.

    1. Thanks Tina. I buy the Narla stuff from http://www.narlalife.com and Xanthan Gum is available on Amazon. Unfortunately I will not likely be doing any eggless bread recipes as it cannot be done and I don’t have an alternative to it.

  22. Can you make any keto bread without eggs?? Im a pure vegetarian and wanna start keto soon.. So, im kinda prepping and i can’t find many pure vegetarian( no eggs) recipes even on your channel…. Please please add

    1. Hi Cherry, I’m sorry but I cannot make them without eggs. Also I don’t pander to pure vegetarian because eggs are vegetarian, the eggs we eat are not fertilized and hence are just an animal by product like milk and honey, hence making it vegetarian.

  23. Sir I have couple of questions, it would be amazing if u give me answers.
    1st, in Iran there is no such thing as psyllium husk, but I found this thing which is called Plantago psyllium and it looks like this:
    I got it from a herb shop (I don’t know if it’s a right translation) and the owner told me it does have a lot of fiber. so I think it can be it, but I’m not sure.
    and then, the Xanthan Gum. I’m not sure if I can find it, I can definitely search for it more, but lets say if I cant find it, can I skip it? or is there a simple substitute? I remember in one recipe you used lemon instead of tar tar cream which was amazing help, because I couldn’t find that either. please help me in this!

    1. It looks similar but I think you will need to grind it. Pysllium Husk just has different names in different countries. In India most people know it as Isabgol. You can make this recipe without both the husk and the gum it will still work, the bread might be a little more dense but will still be good. Cream of tartar can be substitute with a few drops of lemon or vinegar. For these 2 you can just skip them if you can’t get it.

      1. thanks for your answer sir, that was really helpful.
        about that I managed to find some psyllium husk powder, however it has strawberry flavor for some reason xD
        but about grinding the seeds, most herb shops say if u grind it, it’ll become poisonous. it’s a really strong belief in here. I tried to search it in English Websites, but I found no evidence. some even say if u grind it, it will lose it’s effect. hopefully there will be no problem.
        thanks again

  24. hello ,
    i made this bread it was gud the one problem which i faced was its texture was not as smooth as in this recepie and smells a lot because of eggs , can we use vanilla extract in this recepie and how much.

  25. I made the recipe and baked for 50+ minutes because it wasn’t browning up, it caved in completely in the middle minutes after taking out of oven. Too bad the initial recipe didn’t give clarifications found later in the notes about mixing in the psyllium – not sure what caused the problem, do you have any insights?

  26. Hi Sahil,
    This is the second keto bread I tried.. The first one turned out horrible. I tried your recipe and the bread is actually really tasty. The only problem is that it’s still moist inside after 50 minutes… I had to take it out thought cuz it was starting to get brown. Any idea what I could’ve done wrong or I can change to make it nice and fluffy inside?
    Thanks alot 🙂

  27. This is the first keto bread that turned out perfect for me! Thank you. I always have trouble with psyllium husk powder immediately becoming glue, then I have to mix the heck out of it and it still doesn’t have a great appearance or texture. This time I added the psyllium to the dry ingredients, mixed them a bit. Mixed the eggs and oil in another bowl, tempered them a little with small amount of the “hot” water. While mixing I added the egg and oil mixture to the dry and very quickly mixed and then added the hot water.. quickly mixed and stopped. Baked perfect, took just a few extra minutes, and the top didn’t fall.

  28. Hey Sahil, Just starting on my keto diet and it was amazing to have this work out. I replaced coconut flour with dedicated coconut which is easily available at any indian grocery store and it still tastes really good even though you can feel it in the texture. Thanks for the recipe

  29. Just made this. It looked beautiful , then it fell, no big deal, then it fell again to about 1.5 – 2 inches tall. Let it cool completely and it was still kinda gummy on the bottom. Cooked it 40 or more minutes. I used psyllium husk powder. And it wasn’t pretty light yellow like yours. Mine is kinda grey. Haven’t tasted it because it was gooey. Think I will toast it in the morning? It smells like the psyllium. I watched the video several times to make sure it would turn out like yours, but it didn’t. Will try again.

    1. I think you might need to cook it a bit more then and I think the husk itself makes a difference it seems. Don’t worry about it falling as all Keto breads are quite short breads they don’t have much height.

  30. Just wondering, and my math may be off, my calculations for nutritional value per serving is a bit different (higher) than what is posted.
    Could you please review the nutritional values?
    BTW… I LOVE this recipe. THANK YOU for sharing this with everyone!

    1. Thanks Tim. I will review it. Might vary a bit because of the ingredients. As long as it’s ball park figure it’s all good.

  31. These are my observations – when I try many recipes, it’s helpful to remember these details about each recipe.

    This bread turned out very well mixed by hand in a bowl and baked in a bread maker (mixing paddle removed). I make pancakes, waffles, tortillas with coconut flour/psyllium/oil/baking powder basis, and everything turns out reliably well.

    To me, this is a pleasant-tasting bread. Toasting made the slice warm but not toasty. Gravy doesn’t soak in to the slice, but the bread doesn’t disintegrate, either.

    With this recipe in a 2-pound Oster brand bread maker pan, my loaf was about 1 1/2″. I had no problem cutting even slices sideways for larger sandwich slices.

    Well-done, Headbanger!

    1. Update: I wanted a loftier loaf, so I baked a double recipe in my 2-pound bread maker. (A dozen eggs in one loaf: a first for me.) All went well. Now I can make lots of sandwich-sized slices.

      My only variation is adding 2t dry baking yeast and giving the batter some “rising” time, as I do with many of my GF bread recipes because I think it creates a finer grain in the finished product. (I have no empirical data to confirm this.)

      My grandchildren think this recipe “tastes like bread.”

  32. Your recipe is for what bread tin size, 1lb or 2lb? I used a 2lb tin size and the bread was very short. Tasted great though ?

    1. Hey Will, all Keto bread is short. It’s the sad truth of Keto breads, you will need like a micro tin to make it nice and tall but also remember the bread is very calorie dense so you will struggle to consume large quantities of it which is why this short bread works out quite well.

  33. Brother you are the reason I’m switching to KETO after months of analysis, started with grocery purchase. Will be eating your head from now onwards!

  34. I just made this bread. The psyllium husk and water was a goo that took alot of beating to break down. It rose alot till I put it on the counter,you could literally see it deflating. I baked it 40 min as per your recommendations on your YouTube. at350. Did I do something wrong ? Looking forward to tasting it.

  35. Just tried this bread. I use a different brand of Psyllium husks (not powdered) and in 15 seconds I had a fairly solid jellied mass that I could barely get a spoon into. I think the brand, but definitely the water temperature plays a role. Mine was just shy of boiling water and I think way too hot. I tossed it out and added the designated amount of Psyllium in with the flour. By the time I got my eggs and oil in, the water wasn’t as hot. My batter looked similar to yours and the end product came out fine. I also used room temperature eggs as other bloggers indicate using cold eggs can affect how much it rises. Mine is about 2.5 to 3 inches and didn’t fall, baked for 50 minutes. I will use a smaller pan for my next loaf. Thank you!

  36. Cheese and Cayenne Rolls Variation:
    IAdd 1/2 cup grated Parmesan to dry mix
    Add 1-2tsp ground cayenne to taste to dry
    Add 1 tsp bicarb Soda to wet mix

    Using wet hands form into 9-12 rolls
    Sprinkle with more Parmesan
    Bake 170c for 30mins
    (Bake on baking paper)

  37. Baked in convection oven at 325’F for 50 mins… then turn off oven and leave loaf in oven with door open until the loaf is completely cooled .. This will prevent the loaf from collapsing…

    Cheers…rock on and keep on cook’n. Your site and recipes are great ..


    1. 1/2 cup is not 50g of coconut flour (at least from my recollection). I would have weighed it out and 75grams would be the correct weight for the flour I would have used.

  38. I substituted the Physillian husk for Xanthan gum (8grms ) as l don’t have the husk. My bread is in the oven, fingers crossed. Should it be ok to do the substitution. Thank you.

  39. I have used this in my breadmaker too. I sub half the whole eggs for egg whites. Taking out the paddle is a great tip for gluten free breadmachine recipes as long as you mix everything up before placing in bread pan.

  40. Hi. I replaced the psyllium Husk for 8gms of xanthian powder. The bread is good but it seems a little wet. What have l done wrong. Thanks for any help.

    1. You replaced the husk with xanthan powder. So you’ll have to adjust things and figure it out because I’ve never made this recipe without the husk. So you might need to add more coconut flour to absorb the extra water.

  41. 5 stars
    I make this bread since I have discovered you back in 2016. It’s definitely a keeper. Got one in the oven right now.

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