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Keto Masala Chai

Stop saying Chai Tea Latte!!!

Today we’re making Keto Masala chai. Lots of Indians start their day with a cup of tea. This is a black tea boiled to eternity with lots of milk and sugar. Often there are spices added as well but it’s mostly milky and sweet. I personally do not like this tea. I prefer something brewed well with a dash on milk or creamer and just a hint of sweetness. This of course is not Keto. So for the many Indians who are looking for a Keto friendly version of their morning chai. Here is my recipe.

Also please can we stop saying chai tea latte? Chai literally means Tea. It’s like saying I’ll have a coffee cappuccino.

No Macros

I’m not posting any macros for this because you literally only need to count the amount of heavy cream you use. That’s all.

Keto Masala Chai

Keto Masala Chai

Keto Masala Chai

A delicious spiced masala tea
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Course Drink
Cuisine Indian
Servings 2 servings



  • Peel and chop the ginger and crush the cardamom. Ideally grind both together in a mortar and pestle.
  • Put the water on the stove and add the ginger and cardamom and bring to a rolling boil
  • Add the tea leaves and boil away for 2-3 minutes and also add in the sweetener of your choice
  • Add in the cream and mix well and then turn off the heat and let the tea sit for another 1-2 minutes
  • Strain the tea into your serving cups and then well..... serve.
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  1. This drink made my morning though I had to make it with powdered cardamom since I couldn’t find it whole. I used monkfruit sweetener and it was awesome.

    1. There’s a brand called Misty Milk .It’s the only cream that has fat percentage of 40% .it’s easily available on big basket ,Bangalore. I don’t know whether it’s available at pan India level or not.but u can try.

    1. Yes definitely, you can also use almond milk or soya milk. Just that for a more ‘chai’ taste that ‘dairy’ is required but it can be done with any of the others too.

  2. Halos up!!! Thank you for your yummy recipes! This is also good with some peppercorns, nub of cinnamon stick, and a couple petals of star anise.

      1. Amount of cream not mentioned in the recipe how much fresh cream can b or has to b used in one cup of chai

        1. I will just fix that but normally you can put as much as you like. Some people like their chai very milky so then they will put more, if they like it more kadak then less cream.

  3. Hi Sahil, I am in Australia, what can be the other names of heavy whipping cream ? I am trying to find the correct cream here.

    1. Just look for cream, whipping cream, heavy cream, double cream, unsweetened dairy cream etc

        1. yes thickened cream is perfect just make sure it’s one without any added sugar in the ingredients.

  4. So thrilled to find this recipe (and your other Indian keto recipes). I adore masala chai, and make it several times a week. I’m seriously addicted, which really amuses my Indian friends. (I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and we have a large Indian population.)

    I’m starting keto next week, and was dreading trying to work out an acceptable version of my beloved chai! Thank you for doing the work for me.

    Really going to miss potato samosas, but I’m hoping to be able to eat a meat samosa occasionally, if I’m very diligent about my carbs!

  5. Bless you !one reason I could never stick to my keto was owing to my chai addiction .This tea was delicious.

  6. I am addicted to tea. My only enemy I realised is key for all diet. I can control everything but not tea. But it has bloated me like ballon. I am very particular about its taste. Will not cream change the taste?

    Also please tell what diff it makes from substitution of milk with cream

    1. Not on Keto. White sugar, brown sugar, jaggery, honey, coconut sugar, palm sugar etc etc are all the exact same thing. They are all equally bad. Use stevia if you are on Keto or erythritol works too.

  7. Hi sahil, am not able to find sukrin gold online on amazon or big basket. Can you please notify where can I find it.

        1. Because those are sugar alcohols which we do not count so the actual net carbs is 0. We never count sugar alcohols.

  8. I took a trip to Kerala and At the first restaurant we ate at i ordered a Chai Tea latte ?
    The waiter said. “Ma’am you just ordered a tea tea”. Then he said all tourist call it a tea tea. ??‍♀️ But in know now!

    I love me my Chai plus i learned how to make authentic Indian chai from thelocals.

  9. Been following keto since december and was missing tea a lot. I jus prepared it today and it tasted just like ordinary tea. The perfect fix for tea lovers on Keto. Thanks Sahil <3 much love to you

  10. Hi Sahil,

    Could you please also add the amount of carbs in your recipe? It would help us on low carb diet keep a count of what we eat.
    How many carbs in this keto chai as I am big chai addict and would love to know how many times can I have it based on carb quantity.

    1. Please read the blog post. It’s literally the carbs as per the cream that you use. Everything else has no carbs.

  11. Hi sahil,just wanted to know the amount of calories per serving , i made the chai using the exact proportions of ingredients as shown above , thanks for making keto easy

    1. Just check the calories on the cream packet. Basically the water/tea etc is 0 calories. The only thing with calories is the cream. So depending on the brand of cream you use that’s the calories.

  12. I just started keto and I’ve been craving for chai. I live in the UAE and you can find chai on every corner which is killing me. LOL! Thanks for this! I’m so excited to try this when I get home.

  13. Thanks buddy for this recipe. the only I didnt like about this diet is that I used to miss my tea. Now I am really happy that I can have it along with the diet.

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