Keto Basics – How to log your recipes and custom foods in MFP

Create and log custom foods & recipes

Logging and tracking your macros when you are doing Keto for weight loss is important. If your diet consists largely of basic food items and packaged foods then it’s pretty simple and easy to log what you eat. What happens when you create your own recipes or food items that aren’t listed in MFP? This is where you create your own recipes in MFP and also missing food items. So check out the video and hopefully I will help make the process easy for you. Cheers!

Measure everything

I think it’s really important to measure things when you are adding in your own recipes. My personal way of doing this is by a scale as I find that the most accurate. I don’t always log every single ingredient, I will skip things like small amounts of spices or salt and pepper but I’ll make sure my recipe contains the meat and potatoes, so to speak. No potatoes actually since it’s not Keto, so let’s say meat and cauliflower. Besides, cauliflower is the new potato. Back to the subject at hand, if you live outside the USA, many products from your local supermarket may not be listed on the website. This is where you can create a custom food, input the nutrition and make the information available to all members of the platform. You can also correct information that is wrong for a certain product. So start the process of putting in your regular recipes and log what you eat. I’ve said this before, if you want to lose weight, get into the habit of logging everything.

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