Keto Basics – How to log your calories and macros using MFP

Setting up and using Myfitnesspal

It’s pretty simple to set up and use the MFP app or website to log your calories and macros. The first thing you need is a kitchen or a food scale. Then all it takes is signing up on the website and watching my video on how to set up your account and start logging the food you eat. I might have inflated some figures regarding a hamburger at the Hard Rock Cafe but you will get the idea. I personally think that logging your calories and macros will help you with your Keto weight loss and help you be more aware of the food you eat and what the macros are like. Good luck!

Net carbs and browser extensions

On keto we like to count ‘net carbs’ and not total carbs. Our body doesn’t really process fiber (which is a part of total carbs) and hence when we subtract the fiber from the total carbs we get ‘net carbs’. Now on MFP you have to manually calculate your net carbs at the end of the day. If you prefer to not do that there are a couple of browser scripts that can do that for you. All you got to do is install these scripts and you’ll be shown net carbs once you log back in. This doesn’t work on the mobile app sadly. If you use Google Chrome there is Tampermonkey which can be downloaded from the Chrome webstore and for FireFox there is Greasemonkey. If you have any questions, leave me a comment.

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  1. Hi Sahil,
    Regarding Net carbs and browser extensions for MyFitnessPal, would they work on a Mac?
    I’ve just downloaded the MFP app and upgraded to Premium, but was very disappointed to see that Net Carbs do not show up.

    1. Hi Simone, I mentioned that I used Tampermonkey which only works on the desktop/web version. So it will work on a Mac as well no problem. I recorded this video on a Mac. It won’t show on the app but you can always check it on the desktop when possible. I believe there is another app called Carb Manager which is also recommended by a lot of people.

  2. I was so lost with all the macro counting, this is SO SO SO helpful 😀
    Thank you so much 😀
    Next step: to try your recipes 😀

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