Keto 101 – Will I gain weight after I stop the Keto Diet?

Life after Keto

Will I gain weight after I stop the Keto diet?  How much weight will I gain when I stop Keto? This is a question I’ve been asked numerous times. It comes in different forms. It’s a question that needs to be answered in layers. I’ve covered as much as I can in the video but the bottom line is developing discipline and good eating habits. It’s really a simple formula or keeping the amount of food you eat in check.

The main issue with going off Keto is you are going onto some other plan, if you run wild, the weight gain will happen, it’s inevitable. We’ve gone from a world of constant physical activity, lack of food choices to a world where we sit behind a computer and can order anything our heart desires through an app. If we walk into the supermarket we buy more than we need. We constantly have things at our disposal. It’s this convenience that has come back to bite us in the butt. Of course there are tons of other factors as well, the food industry itself, the constant addition of added sugar to the food to make us crave things more. It’s an endless list of obstacles. The only constant in this entire weight loss and keeping the weight off is our will power and our desire to stay fit and healthy.

So what can I do?

My best recommendation is that once you do get off Keto still try and maintain an overall low carb lifestyle. If you are going to binge/eat crap, try and restrict it to maybe 2 meals a week.

My Keto 101 Series

I have a series of videos to answer your Keto questions. Check them out if you haven’t already.


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  1. I went off of keto in August 2022 and changed to a Mediterranean diet. Now it is December 2022 and I gained back 20 pounds. However, I went on Keto after losing 50 pounds on a very low-calorie diet. On keto, I practiced OMAD and 18/6 Intermittent Fasting routine and gained 15 pounds in 6 months. The biggest weight gain occurred when I reintroduced whole-grain wheat into my diet. I was recommended by my doctor to adopt the Mediterranean diet in order to lower cholesterol.

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