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  1. Love your work Sahil. Sorry I missed you when you came to Vietnam, would have loved to have said ”G’day!” Pity you’re not on Facebook……………………or are you?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing…I love the vlogs, and the Indian food recipes especially! I needed variation in my keto diet, and I’m certainly finding it here on your site. Your passion for food, and for life in general, is apparent. Wishing you the best on your keto journey, and beyond……

    1. I don’t know, what is coconut powder? Coconut powder is normally milk powder which is not possible to use as coconut flour or desiccated coconut. You cannot make anything with that except coconut milk.

  3. I have done keto before and I lost 65 pounds I lost that weight in approximately 6 months I started to lose my hair so I stopped. After watching your you tube videos I think I am going to try and do again. I did it incorrectly and was not eating enough. I have also put on 35 pounds here is to a new beginning

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