Keto 101 – Should I start the Keto Diet?

Should I do Keto?

One of the questions I often get asked (which is what prompted this video) is ‘Should I do Keto?’. I thought I’d take a few minutes and share my thoughts. This is a fairly drastic change for a lot of people and the only truth I’ve learned in my time here on this earth is that there is no one shoe that fits all. I think everyone should look within themselves and try and figure out why they want to do Keto and when they answer that question, they will know if they should start the Keto lifestyle or not.

My Keto 101 Series

I have a series of videos to answer your Keto questions. Check them out if you haven’t already.

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  1. I started the journey about 4 years ago. Cayman came out of a period of Extended stress. Started with the detox started eating real organic foods. I had got problems I didn’t understand and they started healing. And after finding dr. axe I found keto doctors like dr. Berg. You have the coolest channel for watching recipes and I have always wanted to learn about Indian food because it smells so delicious. The keto diet was the coolest step in my journey. It’s like so many problems keep evaporating especially my gut is happy! But one must eat a lot of vegetables and the right balance of minerals. Thanks 4 your work.

  2. I find keto the only diet that works for me. I am 66 with a lifelong history of dieting. I believe periods of obesity and gastric bypass surgery have left me with significant insulin resistance. Only protein/fat-based diets have given me results. In the past I’ve done Atkins (starting in 1972 when his Diet Revolution book came out), and low carb with moderate success. Keto’s 20 carb/day restriction made the difference for me for long term weight loss and maintenance. It is the most livable for me, too. It has worked well for my husband, too, who’s heart attack recovery in 2015 lead us both to keto for health. Keto dieting lowered my husband’s cholesterol level by 200 points in one month’s time. We are at our goal weights and very grateful for keto and the science behind it. We are also thankful for YT channels such as yours, Sahil, for the wonderful encouragement, information and recipes. You make it a pleasure 😀

  3. I’m type 1 diabetic person, and I really struggled with calculating carbs and dosing insulin for unstable readings. I tried to go low-carb before but no use. until I found keto! I love how easy the method is, and that I can truly feel satisfied and full after each meal, which I didn’t find in the low-carb only diet. My blood sugar now is much better!! I went from 9 to 6 A1C in 2 months. I wish if health educators can present keto diet to patients as a perfect method for controlling diabetes.

  4. Hi I tried keto a few months ago with not a lot of help I watched some on your recipes on you tube after a couple of months I lost 2 stone and loved it but it didn’t agree with me , so I’d like to try again I am diabetic type 2 now I also have a stoma with high output so I eat bread / rice and all the things you can’t eat on keto so if you can help I would really appreciate it as I need to loose weight for health reasons and due for another operation 🙂

    1. I strongly suggested given your complexities and health conditions you seek help from a professional dietician or nutritionist.

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