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Kurkuri Bhindi

Deep fried Okra with Indian spices

Kurkuri bhindi is a crispy, deep fried Okra treat. It’s something I’ve always found in the buffet at an Indian wedding and even something we used to make at home from time to time while I was growing up. Since it’s a deep fried dish and we were always told that fried foods and fat is bad, it wasn’t a staple. On Keto, this is not the case at all and we’re much more welcoming of fat and fried foods. This could definitely be a nice snack, when you are looking for something quick and crispy. You could also just have this as part of your main meal, perhaps along side some Keto chicken pualo, or perhaps along with some palak paneer and a Keto roti. It’s pretty much up to you. Enjoy the recipe.

Also known as Ladies Fingers

The original recipe for this crispy delight includes chick pea flour along with corn starch which are 2 things we have avoided. When you do fry these a lot of the spice will fall off into the deep fryer so keep that in mind. You can alternatively just fry them and salt and season them later. The reason I did not is because I want to fry off some of the raw spice taste. You don’t want to be eating raw tumeric etc etc. What you can do is use something called ‘chaat masala’ which is a ready to use seasoning. This has some carbs but if you use a small amount it will add flavour and be fine for our macros. You can also ditch the Indian flavours and use something like a peri peri mixture or cajun spice or even lemon pepper. It’s pretty much up to you.

I also did 2 versions, one the little twig like ones which were just all crispy and the 2nd which was much meatier. I personally preferred the full okra piece being fried as opposed to removing the seeds because it’s less work and it’s also a lot meatier a mouthful. These are actually a great alternative to French fries. I think the next time you want fries with your burger or steak, fry up a bunch of okra and it will really do the job. Happy Cooking!


Kurkuri BhindiNutrition Info

This recipe is pretty straightforward. Just log the Okra you eat by weight in your MFP. When it comes to deep frying it’s pretty hard to calculate the exact amount of oil that you end up consuming. Which is why I would very generically put 1 tablespoon. It could really be more or less depending on how much oil the food you fry absorbs. If you have OCD you can weight the oil before and after frying and you can weight the kitchen paper towel you use as well. I prefer to not fuss this much over it. When it comes to macros 100 grams of Okra has about 7grams of carbs from which 3.2grams are fiber. I think you can decide how much of this you want to eat and figure out how it will fit in with your daily macros. Bon appitite.

Kurkuri Bhindi

Kurkuri Bhindi

A crispy deep fried Okra dish
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Indian
Servings 2 servings



  • Slice the Okra and prepare it for frying. You can either slice and remove the seeds and julienne the okra or you can cut the top and bottoms off and slice right now the middle and fry it as is with seeds and all.
  • Mix the okra and spices in a bowl.
  • Deep fry in a fat of your choice. I used a mix of olive oil, ghee and some bacon fat.
  • Once the okra is fried and brown and crispy remove on paper towels.
  • Serve.
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  1. Please do a recipe for ema datshi… Seems to me like it will be the perfect keto food…full of peppers and cheese… Would love to get a nutritional breakdown for this delicious Bhutanese dish…

    1. Just add generic okra to your MFP depending on the weight of the Okra you cook and add about 1 tbsp for the fat, like I mentioned we just assume that approximately that’s what gets sucked in.

  2. I like you to Xtremely heartfelt Thankyou for doing this Indian Keto week with no eggs. You are like a Food Rockstar. Literally. Thanks for all your awesome videos.

  3. Hey sahil. Its my new start up and am pure vegetarian. Am thinking to start with your recipies. Please keep posting veg dishes till i lose mine ? happy that someone is doing it better or i will die with panneer looking at other diets. Please also post carbs protein accrding to ur dishes ? thank you buddy ✌️

  4. Very good recipe to enjoy with daal and rice. With the this recipe you can easy convince your kids to have daal as now a days normally kids avoid to have daal as a source of protien.

  5. I tried deep frying okra in Ghee but it smells awful and I dont feel like eating it then. Can olive oil completely replace the ghee for deep frying ?

  6. Adored the okra, couldn’t stop munching on it…yum yum yum.
    I had a couple of hard boiled eggs red to do something with, and halved and dipped them in the pan leftovers..well !!!! You again
    Thank you
    I loved your input on Diet Doctor week too

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