Keto Basics – What supplements do I take on the Keto diet?

Keto Supplements

There are tons of supplements in the market and now there are a whole bunch of Keto ones. These are things you are supposed to take to improve your health and over all well being. They also serve to supplement nutrients and things you cannot get on your diet.  In the Keto world there are many such supplements and the question is, do you really need them?  In this video I discuss the various things I do take while on the Keto diet to ensure I’m getting all the nutrition I need.

My Food Philosophy

As you might have learnt in the video, I take no Keto supplements. No products, no pills. It is my personal belief that my food should be all that I need to be healthy and get all the nutrients in my body. This is why I eat a wide variety of foods and constantly change things up. I do understand that for many people this is not the case because of various reasons from healthy to just the inability to get in a wholesome amount of food. What you should take away from this video is, don’t blindly take a bunch of pills because you saw someone take them or it’s ‘recommended’ by someone. Figure out for yourself what you actually need and require and only take the essentials.

My Keto 101 Series

I have a series of videos to answer your Keto questions. Check them out if you haven’t already.

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