Keto Grocery Haul #1 – Shopping on a Keto diet

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We’ve spoken about me doing a Keto Grocery Haul video so that you guys get an idea of the kind of food I purchase when on a keto diet. This should definitely do the job. Of course some of the staples like butter, olive oil, coconut oil I have big enough jars/bottles at home that I don’t need to buy them regularly.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. Hi Sahil love all your videos, I am well into the Keto Diet . I have recently bought whole milk, please could you let me know that this is not acceptable. I was thinking, cream and double cream was ok but apparently whole milk is a no no. Is this correct. Please let me know when you can. Also would like to buy your Cook Book if you have one.
    Regards Suzanne

    1. Yes Suzanne, whole milk is not acceptable due to the high carb count but if you are drinking like 30ml a day it won’t necessarily kick you out of keto. An alternative is to use the whole milk you have to make paneer which can be used in a variety of recipes. I do not have a cook book at the moment but I plan to start work on one for 2018. I will let you know when it’s out.

  2. Hi Sahil, I do so love your videos and recipes. You are helping me eat and stick to lowcarb because your recipes have so much flavor. I’ve made the Keto Upma and the Keto Naan. Wow! I don’t even feel deprived. Please put me on your cook book notification list when it comes out! Thank you for doing all the hard work of transforming all your favorite high carb dishes into tasty keto recipes that I can easily make and enjoy. -Dawn

  3. So glad you have gotten this website going!
    Thanks so much for the delicious foods.
    Put me on that cookbook notification list too!

    1. Thank you Miry for the kind words. Just subscribe to our newsletter and I’ll definitely shoot an email once I have something 🙂

  4. Hey Sahil,
    I love keto. Relocated to Andheri from Panjim.
    The ease with which I could source ingredients is not there anymore as it is a real big city. Could you share the list of spots you frequently source ingredients from.

    Thanks, love to HK.

    1. Hi Vishal,
      There are tons of places you can get stuff in Mumbai. Nature’s Basket, Star Bazaar, Big Bazaar, Food Hall are just some of the ones, see what’s close to where you live. Also there are tons of online delivery places for everything, local markets etc etc. Unless you meant you went from Andheri to Panjim 😛

  5. Hi Sahil,
    I regularly follow your keto recipes on youtube and am a die hard fan of yours and recommend all my friends about it and have been trying out most of your recipes, which have turned out delicious. Thanks a lot for Sahil.
    I have a question – If one suffers from high BP, does this Keto diet help? Please reply. Thanks

    1. Given that I am not a doctor I don’t think it’s right to take my advise on BP and Keto but I don’t think it should affect your BP negatively. But please do consult a doctor.

  6. Hello Mr. Jibbar Jabber
    I went through your videos and those are outstanding. I am 26yrs old, 80kgs and height 165cm. I work as a design engineer and that makes my life sedentary. I have mostly the belly fats. can i get some help from your side to get ketosis.

  7. Hi Sahil, I’m a follower of your YouTube videos . With inspiration from your recipes am starting Keto. Ordered and received your cookbook from Amazon. Thanks

  8. Hi Sahil,
    My sister managed to shed a few kilos on Keto diet a couple of years back . She used to watch your videos. And since we are only eggetarians it’s really the most difficult thing for us. Now my youngest sister has been trying to loose weight but her weight has plateaued and I think it’s time for both of us to try THE KETO DIET. My problem is if we avoid eating egg too altogether can you suggest sources of protiens for vegetarians besides Paneer.

  9. Hey Sahil makhija, these recipes are really amazing! I will definitely try & suggest these to my KETO friends 🙂 Thanks for sharing. BTW, I also blog about KETO & would like you to read these recipes too –https://theopenmagazines.com/keto-bread-twists/

  10. Yo Shil!
    This is Scott, saying “hi from Seattle!” – your videos and recipes are literally a life saver. I can now keep my diabetes-type-II under control, and I lost 44 lbs. I do not miss sweets or carb’s at all. Especially thanks to you! I stay less hungry all the time now. It’s amazing to not crave sweets and the old comfort foods. The one thing I really miss is Clam Chowder. I’m not super fond of Manhattan style (red stuff, I’ll eat it if I have to), but do you have ideas for an approximation of cream-style clam chowder?


    1. Thanks for the kind words Scott I’ll add Clam Chowder to my list of dishes to make. I’ll have something soon!

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