Keto Basics – 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight On The Keto Diet

The real reasons you don’t lose weight on Keto

Welcome to another one of my Keto 101 videos. This is where I take you by the hand, step by step, through your Keto journey. I get a lot of personal messages on Instagram from people who are not losing weight on Keto or are struggling with figuring things out. In a lot of cases I find that it’s just ignorance that is the basic cause for most problems people encounter. So I’m hoping that through these videos I can clear doubts people have and give them the tools to live the Keto lifestyle. Answer a question and that person learns something new, teach them how to google, they might not ask you a question again. All jokes aside, enjoy the video.

My final thoughts

With these kind of vlogs, sometimes you don’t always say exactly what you mean or you perhaps use the wrong words. I speak without a script and I generally don’t retake something unless it’s really incorrect. The basic premise is you have to commit to whatever you chose to do. You have to start Keto with a mindset that it’s a lifestyle change from what you were doing, it’s not a diet, it’s not a punishment and you aren’t looking to reward your good behaviour with cheat days. That is where most people fail.

Once you have done that, weigh yourself, take your measurements and put away the scale. Start living the lifestyle, weight yourself at the start of every month and measure yourself as well. Don’t obsess over it, don’t weigh in every day and start giving yourself mental stress, that’s going to be your downfall.

It’s important to exercise portion control, put in the effort and count your macros. Most of us who are here for the ‘weight loss’ are coming from a place of over eating, lack of will power and lack of control. This is why we have to reign ourselves in and keep a track and actually power through to lower our appetite which we have grown over the years. Finally, we must start to be more aware about the food we eat, what is in it, where does it come from and is it Keto friendly. For this I have another Keto 101 video you can check out.

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  1. Brilliant!!! Best Video ever, thanks so much for posting. I appreciate your support and wisdom!
    I didn’t have the guts to get on the scale, so I measure myself every 2 weeks.
    6 weeks in and I am doing awesome!!

    1. Poop problem…Eat 1-2 Oz of walnuts every day and now you will poop a lot.
      Vitamins and minerals…use the app cronometer.com. Input all foods. You will get a vitamin and mineral readout. My deficiencies are solved by two tablets daily of Trader Joe’s Vitamins and minerals. Plus one vitamin C timed release and one magnesium timed release.

  2. Thank you very much for all the videos.
    I got a lot of information from them it really helps me a lot

    You are amazing

  3. I have been doing the keto diet going on 2 weeks now And my weight has been going up and down I’ve been eating right but not sure how to portion and calculate my macros I wish it was a video of how to portion from breakfast to dinner

  4. at 77it is hard because lack of ability to burn calories. old age keeps the exercise down. just have to keep the calories down, have lost 22 and am 3 off my goal., but always being hungry is tough.

    1. I can imagine. Always harder to lose weight the older you can but it’s never to late to start moving. Exercise can be even just walking or dancing or swimming. All of it works.

  5. Nice Video Sahil . I am new to Keto and new to your channel but you are real encouraging ! Thank You !

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