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Your weight loss journey ends with you!

I’ve been on and off Keto since December 2015. At this moment that’s a little over 3 years. During this time I’ve been vegan as well as carnivore. I’ve also eaten tons of carbs and been strict Keto as well. At one point I gained all the weight I lost on Keto. Over the years my entire attitude and perspective on weight loss and fitness has changed. I try to articulate most of it in this video. Because I get a lot of people looking for a quick fix with their health and weight and Keto with it’s currently popularity seems to be their answer.

So watch the video. And then read my thoughts below since I often forget to say a few things and sometimes don’t articulate myself well enough. Cheers!

The goal weight delusion

We’re too obsessed with weight. Instead we should focus on health and what kind of weight we carry. I’ve already written an article called The Goal Weight Delusion. But what I want to drive home is that losing weight is pointless. Losing FAT is where it’s at. Losing inches and building shape and definition is what’s going to make you look good. Weight can be water and it could be muscle mass. The whole idea of weight loss is to lose body fat and come down to a healthy % and have a decent amount of muscle and have overall good health. This is what the goal should be.

Yes, Keto is a great way to start your weight loss journey. It’s great to see the scale move and find motivation there. But it’s important to understand that it’s only the beginning. Your fitness journey ends when you die. It’s as simple as well. We all would love to hit out ‘goal weight’ and kick back and just be able to maintain that and eat everything we want. That’s not how it works. We will constantly have to monitor what we eat and exercise to stay fit because this journey is unto the death.

What does this even mean though? It means you eat well and keep that body moving. But what does eating well mean? It’s different for everyone but what we can all agree on is that it takes time, effort and discipline. You should eat food that will nourish your body, provide it with nutrients that it needs. Whole foods, real foods. You can do Keto if that is what makes you feel good and is something you can sustain. Maybe low carb is a more long term solution for you. It might even be high carb and low fat. What you do isn’t the topic of discussion, what’s important is that you make it a lifestyle. Make it something you can sustain.

I know at it’s core this message is pretty basic. There are no short cuts in life, there are no quick fixes. Everything takes work. So start working because you only have one life to live so make it count and make it a long and happy and healthy life.

My Keto 101 Series

I have a series of videos to answer your Keto questions. Check them out if you haven’t already.

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  1. I agree with you.

    I eat this way primarily because I’m a Type 2 diabetic and it’s how I keep my blood glucose in the normal range without medication. I never cheat because the resulting blood spikes from high carb foods would damage my body.

    As wonderful as the weight loss has been (103 lbs so far), I try to remember that my primary motive is to control my blood glucose and to be healthy. (I also exercise for health reasons.)

    I know if I stop eating this way and eat high carb foods, I will once again have high blood glucose levels and eventually have disabling and deadly complications.

    1. The water is not for losing weight, you need to stay adequately hyderated since your body doesn’t retain water on Keto. So generally 2 liters is a good ball park. You will not lose weight or gain weight because you are drinking the water.

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