Demonstealer Drum Cover Contest

Demonstealer Drum Cover Contest!

Hey drummers! I’m super excited to announce the Demonstealer Drum Cover Contest in association with Footblaster Trigger, Scorpion Percussion, Serial Drummer Clothing and Metal Drummer Nerdz Worldwide.  On my last solo album ‘The Last Reptilian Warrior’ I had the chance to collaborate with 5 amazing drummers. They are Kevin Paradis, Krimh, Romain Goulon, David Diepold and Dan Presland. They have all performed incredibly on the album and I’m super excited to host this contest where drummers get a chance to cover these songs.

You can listen to the album on Bandcamp, Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and all other digital music platforms.

The Prizes

1st Palce – 200$ Cash!!! a pair of Footblaster Kick drum triggers, a brick of Scorpion Percussion sticks (that’s 12 pairs), a serial drummer t-shirt and a feature on the Metal Drummer Nerdz Worldwide group/page on Facebook.

Runner Up – 100$ Cash!!! a pair of Footblaster Kick drum triggers, a serial drummer t-shirt, Scorpion Percussion merch and a feature on the Metal Drummer Nerdz Worldwide group/page on Facebook.

That’s not all. Every single participant will receive a 10% discount on their next purchase from Serial Drummer Clothing & Scorpion Percussion sticks. The first 50 entries will get a 10% discount from Footblaster as well. And here is another kicker! If you have a Youtube channel that is monetized you can actually monetize the cover video without getting any copyright claim.

The Judges

There will be 2 rounds of judging. The first round will be judged by Kevin Paradis and myself. We will shortlist the best 5-10 entries after which Krimh will join us to judge the final entries and pick the winners.

Demonstealer Drum Cover Contest


How to Enter – The Rules

  1.  Download the backing tracks provided for the songs below and cover ANY one song from the album.  Yes, you can choose the song you like the best and cover that. We’re looking for a video cover. You can use up to 3 cameras for your video but honestly even a single camera is absolutely fine. It doesn’t have to be a fancy camera even your phone will do as long as we can see you and hear the drums.
  2. You can record multi track audio and mix it as well. You can EQ and compress it to make it sound good but please DO NOT quantize the drums, DO NOT sample replace your acoustic drums. Triggers are absolutely fine for the kick drum. Both acoustic and electronic kits are permitted for the contest.
  3. Once you film your video please upload it to your own Youtube channel and e-mail the link to [email protected] with ‘Demonstealer Drum Cover’ in the subject of the email. You can also upload it to Facebook and IGTV and send us those links to promote on our social media since native videos get more views BUT for the contest itself ONLY the Youtube link is mandatory.
  4. Please use the hash tag #DemonstealerDrumCoverContest in the title of your video on Youtube as well and please include the track name as well. Also use the hash tag on FB/IG/Twitter and anywhere else you are posting so we can repost it.
  5. You can send in multiple entries if you wish to cover multiple songs from the album. However doing more entries won’t improve your chances, it will boil down to the performance of the song. Having said that you can be creative and improvise. Just don’t replace a blast beat with a jazz shuffle you know?
  6. If you are under 18 please ensure you’ve got parental permission and email us a letter with their permission for you to enter the contest.
  7. The contest is open to EVERYONE. Doesn’t matter where you live, as long as shipping companies ship to where you live you can enter the contest. However you will need a Paypal account to be able to accept the prize money if you win.
  8. The last date for accepting entries will be 31st July 2020.

Download the Backing Tracks


Big thanks to our sponsors!

Big love and thanks to our sponsors, Footblaster Trigger – Serial Drummer Clothing – Scorpion Percussion and Metal Drummer Nerdz Worldwide. And of course big love and thanks to Kevin and Krimh for agreeing to judge the entries. And thank you to each of you taking part!

Demonstealer Drum Cover Contest Sponsors

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