3 ingredient Keto  Dishes Week 4

By Headbangers Kitchen

Breakfast – A simple Keto pancake. This is a fun breakfast and particularly for those with a sweet tooth.

The most common question I guess is can I swap out almond flour for coconut and the answer is yes. However compared to the 50g of almond flour you need only 20g of coconut flour since that’s more absorbent.

Lunch – The creamiest Thai curry ever! This meal is just so simple and delicious.  You can also make my Keto naan but who eats naan with Thai curry? Anyway the usual substitutions can be made, any meat of choice or paneer/eggs for vegetarians.

Snack – Tomato soup. I can already hear people losing their minds saying tomatoes are not Keto. Well 100g of tomato has 2.7g net carbs according to the USDA.

You can alternatively skip the soup completely and have a Keto coffee instead.

Dinner – It’s steak and creamed spinach. Substitutions are simple. Chicken for fish, paneer, tofu, pork, beef etc for the protein. Coconut cream for the dairy.

Horns Up everyone. Stay safe and embrace the keto culture. Swipe up for the detailed video and full recipes.