3 ingredient Keto Dishes Week 2 By Headbangers Kitchen. 

This is another 3 ingredient meal plan to add some variation to your routine.

Breakfast – Sour cream and onion omelet. This is pretty simple. Sour cream can be replaced by heavy cream or even coconut cream if you want it dairy free.

You can also replace the onion with any vegetable you have like tomato or you can just eat the omelet with say half and avocado on the side.

Lunch – Chicken in a creamy mustard sauce. I’ve used boneless and skinless chicken thighs in the recipe.

You can use any protein you like. Beef steak, pork chops, chicken breast, fish and if you are vegetarian just use Paneer or Tofu.

The mustard can be anything you have available. You can use wholegrain, Dijon or even your standard yellow mustard. Heavy cream can be replaced by coconut cream if you want to make it dairy free.

Snack – Garlic Butter Mushrooms. Since there hasn’t been any veggies so far (barring the onion) I figured mushrooms would be a good snack. Keeping it simple with garlic and butter.

Dinner – Ground beef in tomato sauce. Couldn’t make life easier eh? Ready to eat pasta sauce with some ground beef topped with sour cream.

I have a great Keto marinara sauce recipe. Alternatively you can just use fresh pureed or canned tomatoes.  Sour cream can be replaced by cheese, heavy cream, and coconut cream.

Horns Up everyone. Stay safe and embrace the keto culture. Swipe up for the detailed video and full recipie.