3 ingredient Keto Dishes Week 1 By Headbangers Kitchen.

Here is the full meal plan. I’ve given some information about each meal along with the substitutes for certain food items.

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with parsley. Eggs, butter and parsley.

It’s pretty straightforward but you don’t have to scramble the eggs. You can also make an omelet, fry the egg in butter sunny side up and sprinkle parsley over.

If you don’t eat eggs you can use cottage cheese or paneer. If butter is not available any cooking fat will do, avocado oil, bacon fat, lard etc etc.

Lunch – Tuna, Mayo and Cabbage. Since Tuna is a canned item it generally lasts a long time so you can buy it and store for a while.

Alternatively canned salmon, chicken, etc are all acceptable. You can also get ANY and I mean ANY meat as a replacement.

The mayo you buy should ideally be a Keto mayo made with something like avocado oil but in times like these you can use what is available.

The cabbage can be replaced by lettuce or kale. Once again it’s more about elements. Meat – Fat – Vegetable.

Snack – Since breakfast was eggs and lunch was tuna it’s not a bad idea to have a vegetarian snack which will help balance your protein to fat ratio. So it’s broccoli, cheese and heavy cream.

Dinner – Naked chicken burgers. Just ground chicken, olives and lettuce. Let’s talk about substitutions. Any ground meat works.

Vegetarians, a paneer steak will do or eggs again. You could also use eggplant and just make eggplant steaks. Grilled cauliflower.

Horns Up everyone. Stay safe and embrace the keto culture. Swipe up for the detailed video.