Keto Coffee & Chocolate Tart

A low carb dessert that marries two epic flavours Can you really have enough chocolate and coffee? I don’t think so – these are pretty much the building blocks of my life. Can you really blame me for incorporating it into every dessert in keto? I know, I know, we gave you the keto tiramisu, and then there was that flourless keto chocolate cake and a coffee panna cotta… but think of it this way, what are the two ingredients you’re most likely to have at home all the time? That’s pretty much how this low carb dessert came about, actually. I had a terrible sweet craving (as you do) and I wanted to whip something easy up immediately. I raided my fridge for stuff I had at hand, et voila! A keto chocolate and coffee tart was born. Almost no-bake dessert? Sign us up This three-layered dessert comes with a lovely chocolate almond crust at the bottom, topped with an espresso mascarpone mousse and finished with a delicious keto chocolate ganache. Now I considered using cream cheese for the mousse, but for some reason, I’ve always found chocolate and cream cheese to be an extremely odd pairing – maybe … Continue reading Keto Coffee & Chocolate Tart